We want more for
our children

If a child doesn't read by third grade, they are six times more likely to drop out or fail to graduate on time.

  • Today one third of Mountain View children read below grade level
  • If a child is economically disadvantaged their odds of not reading at grade level are 60%
  • Any child can have trouble reading regadless of background or zip code

Kids can learn to read!
Here's how we're helping

We offer personalized lessons 1:1 to strengthen their reading skills. We partner with teachers to utilize the existing curriculum and provide students consistent tools.

We do this work in school, according to the classroom schedule, so we can meet kids every day.

  • 1:1 Practice

  • Making it fun

  • In school

  • Celebrate reading

We build upon a child's natural curiosity to make reading fun! Reading sessions are tailored to what students are excited about and want to talk about that day.

We are exploring a celebratory event partnership with the library to give all kids a library card, visit the mobile library and have a librarian visit. We see family engagement as a key piece of growing a strong reader.


One more thing

We piloted our Strong Reader program prior to COVID-19 in schools and have been working to find the best time to re-introduce the program. During that time, students were excited to read (yes!) and made measurable gains on their reading.

This challenge is complex but a committed community can do anything. There are many ways to be involved depending on your interest and time availability. Contact us to learn more.